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All of PDS’ Performance Delivery Solutions are copyrighted tools built on PC- and Web-based spreadsheets, workbooks, databases and applications which can be licensed and integrated into whatever technology your organization chooses to use. Whether it be Salesforce.com®, Revenue Storm®, a custom or off the shelf performance appraisal system, or your Oracle® or SharePoint® system, your IT team can easily integrate our simply designed and built tools into your technology infrastructure and applications.

Our programs and tools are separate services we offer. However, each service is related to the other services and when used together can substantially improve your organization's competitive distinction and opportunities for success. We use AlEx™ not only to identify and improve alignment in virtually any area of the organization, but also to diagnose and identify other performance challenges. Consider starting with an AlEx™ project and use the results to target other areas for improvement. For more information, click on the image of your choice!